Each bra, simple to look at,

It's hard to do well!

Good bra,

Along with you, in harmony,

Submit to her, hold her, care for her,

Be both strong and gentle!

Twenty years, maybe not a long time,

Babies with their mother's nipples in their mouths,

Stop your first cry.

The original mind, which stands for the original thought,

Through the clutter of distractions,

Keep the same original aspiration. 

it's like starting with a bra,

More than 20 processes, more than 100 processes,

Walk bowl cuff edge stand bowl on bowl lace drop strap on back hook......

Every detail is meticulously crafted,

In every place, there is a heritage of delicate skills and careful care,

Even a needle and a thread, one side of the belt, a button a hook......

Every piece of work is perfect and exquisitely carved,

Such as the most warm guardian to my dear people!

The choice is not important now.

What matters is having been with you for 20 years.

And as always.