Brand is the condensation of corporate culture

Water flowers, love no trace!

1. The craftsmanship of embroidering with the hand of carving wood has not changed. Wu said: "Water flowers come from the hometown of wood carving in China. The inheritance of more than one thousand years of craftsmanship, the spirit of exquisite workmanship, and the long history of fine culture all of these have shaped the water flowers and achieved the water flowers."

2. A blend of Chinese and Western cultures. Wu said: Chinese people can also do a good job. He will adhere to the Chinese name brand, to Seiko skills as the foundation, while constantly absorbing Western culture and fashion, continuous innovation, can certainly shape a good Chinese underwear brand.

3, the embodiment of Chinese characteristics. The bra came from the West, but Shui Hua was designed to suit the Chinese physique and culture. On the style of the clothing modelling, don't follow Japan, nor worship in Europe, but the combination of the Chinese temperament and unique shape, strengthen product style on its "cultivate one's morality, shape, and adjust the" functional characteristics, and both its "elegant, healthy and comfortable wearing characteristics, beautifully designed, dressed in elegant and classic, delicate and fashion.

4. The style of water flowers is "healthy, elegant and fashionable". This is the order of the three concepts that the Aqua Flower brand pursues.

5.The value of water flowers to consumers is "brand, professional and excellent price".

6, Shuihua market positioning: "brand internationalization, product quality, price popularization".

7. Brand internationalization. The pursuit of international fashion.

8. The development prospect of Shuihua brand: to build an international first-class brand.